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We help you certify the knowledge you've gained from reading. Providing you with a new way to improve yourself and secure your future.

Futureproofing Yourself

Two-thirds of all jobs will rely on soft skills by 2030. So what can you do to prepare?

Reading provides you with the most effective way to develop your soft skills, but how do you prove you've read and upksilled yourself?

Get Certified For Reading

Read a non-fiction book

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We've turned reading into a recognised form of education by certifying the knowledge you've gained using quizzes.


Meet new friends, read and learn together, start reading groups and expand your reading network. A true social network for bookworms!

Knowledge Bank

Reading is important, but so is retaining what you've read. Create, store and share text and audio notes, insights, reviews and more.


We know building that reading habit is difficult, so use our tracking feature to help you start, continue or upgrade your reading journey.

Why you should use Bookt

Recognised Learning

We recognise the knowledge that you've gained from reading by issuing you with a verifiable certificate for passing a quiz.

Benefits Of Reading

Reading improves cognitive function, vocabulary, sleep, empathy and it reduces stress. The question is, why wouldn't you?

Social Learning

Learning with friends and a wider community is incredibly advantageous. It improves retention, collaboration, and general wellness.

Targeted Learning

We're all unique and what you learn should be curated for you. Bookt helps you improve the skills that you require for your journey.

What People Are Saying

The day I finished Zero to One and realised I gained more practical knowledge from this book than I did in an entire semester of business school, is the day I founded Bookt. Reading should be a formally recognised mode of education and the knowledge we gain by reading needs to be certifiable and useable in our professional lives.

Louis-Neil Korsten - Bookt Co-founder

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