Reading Reimagined: Empowering Teams with Non-Fiction ebooks and Collaborative Learning.

Simple, Social, Fun.

The only non-fiction reading app you'll ever need.

Reading Made Simple

Bookt breaks down your reading into manageable 10-minute daily 'steps', helping you cultivate a lasting reading habit and maintain consistent engagement with non-fiction ebooks to acquire valuable knowledge. Dive into diverse topics with Bookt, ranging from business and technology to personal development, enhancing your skills and keeping you well-informed.

Reading Made Social

Join Bookt's cutting-edge digital book clubs to share notes and insights, compete on leaderboards, and enjoy your favorite books with friends and colleagues. Engage in team learning to foster a strong reading culture within your organization, promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration. Connect with like-minded individuals, expand your professional network, and discuss groundbreaking ideas that are shaping industries.

Reading Made Fun

Whether you're earning skill points, increasing your streak, building personalized summaries, or engaging with our AI mascot, Ty the Toucan, you'll never be bored. Bookt's interactive features ensure a dynamic and engaging experience where you can discover new perspectives, challenge your thinking, and gain insights that drive innovation in your field. Bookt is your gateway to a world of knowledge, entertainment, and personal growth.