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Bookt is a revolutionary South African EdTech startup. For centuries, books have provided a reliable and effective method of learning, they allow you to learn directly from some of the greatest minds the world has seen. Yet they have never been formally recognised as an alternative source of education. Bookt has changed that. You can now certify the knowledge that you gain from reading.

You can now use academic-level quizzes and digital book clubs to grasp the opportunity to become a lifelong learner. We aim to create a culture of reading and self-improvement in the world.

We are dedicated to expanding the mind.

The team.

Louis-Neil Korsten

Louis-Neil Korsten

Founder and CEO

Favourite book: The name of the wind

Books have always been my escape. They have provided me with the opportunity to learn about anything I wanted to. "I have yet to find the meaning of life, but reading brings me closer."

Warren Janisch

Warren Janisch

Founder and CFO

Favourite book: How will you measure your life

Reading has become my daily meditation. I seldom read a book without learning something new and intriguing. "Books allow us to view the world from many different perspectives, which I believe is key to becoming a great leader."

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