Upskilling Should Be Simple. Get Your Team To Read.

Corporate training reimagined. Help your team become lifelong learners by incorporating non-fiction books into your development programs.

Improve Your Team's Soft Skills

A study done, predicted that two-thirds of all jobs will rely on soft-skills by 2030.

Reading provides you with the most effective way to help your team improve their soft skills.

Why Use Bookt For Your Business

Over the next decade, businesses that cultivate a reading culture will vastly outperform those who don't.

Long Term Solution

Once someone has built a reading habit, they become a lifelong learner.

Community Building

Social learning improves culture and collaboration in your business.

Individual Learning Paths

Education isn't one-size fits all. Every person should have their own learning path.

Convenient Dashboard

Our dashboard provides you with the control you need to get the most out of Bookt.

Actionable Data

We provide you with actionable data on your team's learning progress.


Current learning solutions cost an arm and a leg, ours only costs a book.

Each Member Receives Bookt Premium

Unlimited Quiz Attempts

Members will have unlimited attempts on the quizzes they take.

4x Certificates

Members can receive up to 4 certificates per month. These can easily be added to their LinkedIn profiles.

Unlimited Audio Notes

Members will have unlimited audio notes. This includes our text-to-speech functionality!

What our clients are saying

The success in my reading experience lies in the accumulation of knowledge and I love the incentives I get for reading the most books, scoring the best results or taking the most quizzes. It just motivates me to read more and learn more about myself, my leadership style and how to improve my relationship with colleagues and clients. Thank you for all your effort in getting our company and I to be more efficient readers.

Florene Taute - Business Customer

"Show me a family of readers, and I will show you the people who move the world."

- Napoléon Bonaparte