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4 - 40 People

$4,99 per member per month

This is the perfect plan for a small team that wants to get up and running instantly.

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41+ people


If you're a larger organisation, we'd love to go through a demo to show you how Bookt can help you.

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What's Included In Your Plan

Bookt Premium Access

All Plans

Each member will receive Bookt Premium access.

Team management dashboard

All Plans

Manage your entire team or organisation from a convenient dashboard.

Dedicated customer success partner

Organisations Only

You will have a dedicated success partner that will be with you every step of the way.

User analytics

All Plans

Access to valuable analytics and insights into each member of your team's reading journey.

Organisation analytics

All Plans

Advanced analytics to help you optimise your team's learning and make informed data-led decisions.

Standard learning path

All Plans

We have several learning paths that apply to the most important soft skills in the next 10 years.

Curated learning path

Organisations Only

Create your own learning paths to meet your organisation's specific requirements.

Learning Groups

Organisations Only

Create learning groups to manage all your members and enhance their reading journeys.